November 22, 2017

“Better a dull wife than a dull knife”- Escoffier 1893

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I am betting that most people out there have a good set of knives.  They look great on the counter, you feel like a well prepared chef and man were they sharp when you first got them.  I say “were” because for 99% of you that big chef knife is now dull like a plastic knife at a picnic. Perhaps  you also purchased a sharpening steel and some sort of knife sharpener.  The salesperson taught you all about keeping an edge with the steel and how to use the knife sharpener during a ten minute demo.

Now it’s six months later and those razor sharp knives are finally dull.  You have forgotten how to use the steel and you never tried the sharpener.  Looking at those knives you think  I can live with dull.  I would just hurt them and maybe myself if I tried to sharpen them.


What you need is a confidence builder.  Something to practice on and improve your skills.  At our catering kitchen we use affordable and practical industrial chef knives like the Victorinox Fibrox 10inch chef knife.  At $29 on Amazon it’s a hard price to beat.  A sturdy strong knife that has a slip resistant handle and a wide blade so you don’t bang your knuckles while chopping on the cutting board.  It’s not fancy or expensive, fussy or fragile.  Short of hammering one with a pot they are indestructible.  Sounds pretty great huh?

Use your sharpening steel on it before each use and the sharp edge will last even longer.

Pair it with another cheap but great item, the AccuSharp 001 knife sharpener.  This sharpener is safe and idiot proof. Everyone on my crew can use it.  Our knives are always sharp and ready to go.  How to use your Accusharp.

Why not put that dull but expensive chef knife away for a while and replace it with the Victorinox.  After you master using a steel and knife sharpener you can break out that the good stuff again.  On the other hand, that Victorinox is turning out to be pretty darn amazing.  Now go cook something.

Tips for good knife maintenance

  • Store your knives in a knife block or on a wall mounted magnetic strip.  This keeps them from banging around and getting dull.
  • Use a sharpening steel before each use. This helps align the blade and keep a sharp edge.
  • After a period of time, 2-6 months, your knives will start getting dull.  This is when you use your AccuSharp sharpener.  It will give you back that brand new sharp edge.

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