December 18, 2017

Digital stick thermometer. Your key to perfectly cooked meat.

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Ask someone how they tell when meat is done, and you’ll likely hear one of these “secret pro” methods:

  • Make a fist from loose to hard and press your finger into the side of your hand.  Now press the same finger into the cooking steak and compare firmness. Seriously?
  • Put a metal skewer into the steak and then hold it to your lower lip testing to see how hot it is.  You go right ahead buddy.
  • Nick into a corner of the meat and see how it looks or if the juices run clear.  Never!

Now, some of these methods CAN be used to test meat, but they take lots of practice, heartache and failure to get it right. They’re old hat to chefs who cook 50-300 steaks a night during their shift. Not casual cooks at home.

Well, there’s a sure-fire method that works for anyone, with any meat, anytime: the instant read digital stick thermometer.  This nifty low-cost magical device does away with all those other methods, and gives you an accurate reading every time.  No poking meat (or yourself, or looking at blood).  You can use it everywhere you cook, whether it’s the oven, skillet, or grill. Use it with meat, chicken or fish.

How to use a digital stick thermometer

  • Turn on the thermometer.
  • Insert sharp tip of probe into top or side of meat.
  • Insert two inches or into thickest part of meat without touching bone.
  • Wait for temperature to register.


  • Do not leave thermometer in oven during cooking

Handy Temperature guide

  • Beef: 125F rare to 160F well done
  • Lamb: 135F rare to 165F well done
  • Chicken:  165F.  Gives you perfectly cooked chicken.
  • Pork loin or roast: 140F – 155F.  Check your recipe for correct temperature.
  • Firm fish fillet: 140F.  Perfect.

Remove meat from oven when food is within 5 degrees of desired temperature.  Food will continue to cook while it sits on counter.  Let rest at least 5-15 minutes before carving, depending on size of item.

That’s it. As kitchen tools go they are a steal: around $8 – $20. Buy one and start cooking meat with confidence!

Jonathan Recommends:

Taylor 9842 Commercial Waterproof Digital Thermometer

Taylor makes a great thermometer. I’ve been using their products for years with no complaints.

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