May 24, 2016

Duck Fat is The New Butter (at least in Hollandaise)

I used to be one of those losers who used butter in their Hollandaise sauce. Then I discovered duck fat. THE HELL YOU SAY!!

While reading Hunter Angler Gardener Cook, a brilliant award-winning food site, I came across a Duck fat Hollandaise recipe.  I had to do a double take on that one.  Apparently this crazed lunatic swaps out the standard butter ingredient for duck fat!  %$&$ me, that’s INSANE!

But not really. Duck fat is a magical ingredient.  Luscious, heady and creamy are just a few words to describe this product.  If you ever had bacon fat and loved it then this is the fat for you.

Ok, now you want some, right? Where the heck do you buy such a thing? If you live in Astoria you are in luck, my friend.  International Meat Market on 30th avenue in Astoria carries D’artagnan duck fat and duck breast.  They also have Long Island ducks on hand, so you have many choices.  These guys carry everything you need for a gourmet caveman meat fest.  Go check them out sometime.

John and John are the owners. They know their stuff and love taking care of the customers.  Great guys and good friends of mine.   Tell them Jonathan sent you.

And now for a crazy good menu.

Crazy good menu

  • Seared duck breast slices
  • Poached duck eggs
  • Oven roasted potato wedges
  • Pan grilled spring asparagus
  • Small crock of duck fat Hollandaise to be used a eater’s discretion.

Enjoy and do not blame me if you eat all the Hollandaise in one sitting.

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