December 18, 2017

Glestain is Japanese for “Kick ass knife”

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If you know me, you know that I was a die-hard German knife lover. I trained on those classic heavy blades and used them religiously. They were my one and only.

But my eyes were opened with my brother Adam’s gift to me for being best man at his wedding.  He gave me the Glestain Indented-Blade Gyutou and Glestain Indented-Blade Offset Petty. When I opened the Glestain package and beheld the fine blade and design, I almost swooned. Yes, me a big guy almost wept. The Glestain is a thing of beauty, a well-balanced precision instrument that belongs on a wall in a museum rather than in my humble work kitchen. The blade is thin, super sharp and strong with dimples that help the sliced food slip right off. My vegetable prep turns out the finest dice and julienne. The handle is well-designed and comfortable. Even better for me though is the blade is of the Western style meaning it is double-edged and not a finicky one-sided shallow angled Japanese blade that requires special attention. I am already comfortable with sharpening and honing this type of blade.

If you are looking for a Japanese blade then Korin is the Japanese knife and accessories store in New York City.  Their Master knife sharpener is a sight to behold.  He is seated above a small waterfall with a variety of water stones and spends his day sharpening knives for some of the biggest chefs around the country.

Are you having trouble sharpening your knives? At KORIN, we can sharpen virtually any non-serrated knife: Japanese or western style, including hunting, pen and pocket knives. Do you need an extra-sharp edge for a special event? Send your knife to Korin for a tune-up. We will sharpen them by hand, using a variety of Japanese water stones. We can put a precision edge on any knife! Prices vary from knife to knife. Traditional knives such as yanagi, usuba, and deba, require more labor and will cost slightly more to sharpen.

When you finally decide to make the leap to purchase a special blade or perhaps go for some knives sharpening then Korin is the place for you.

A special thanks to Adam and his lovely wife Andrea.  An amazing couple and terrific gifters.  I can’t thank you enough for the knives.  I use them everyday preparing dishes for clients at work and my family at home every night.



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