December 18, 2017

Meet the farmers and artisans at Socrates Sculpture Park farmer’s market

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A proper farmers market has finally set up in Astoria.  Even better, it’s at Socrates Sculpture Park, a favorite waterfront destination.  This market is not just produce.  One can also find raw cow milk cheeses, fresh slaughtered duck, breads and more.  What a pleasure to take a walk to the park on a sunny Saturday morning, chat with your farmer or baker about the day’s offerings, run into some neighbors and all do some serious food shopping.

I was getting so tired of FB postings from friends in Europe.  Pictures of squash blossoms and butchers with ducks at some cute little village market, BAH!  I think we should start calling this town Astoria en Provence or maybe Astoria del Chianti, just to rile them up a bit.  Not only do we already have NYC, greatest city in the world, but now we have the best regional fare right in our own little village.  But I digress.

The farmers and vendors are what make the market.  To discuss what’s growing and ask questions, that’s what one needs to connect you to the land.  These people care and want to share that knowledge with you.  They were all excited to be here and look forward to a long and prosperous season at the Socrates farmers market.

Richard, Violette and Tianna at Lucky Dog Organics offered up some Swiss chard in three colors. Sauteed them with garlic and dates.

Catherine and Vampire Slayer cheddar cheese at Calkins Creamery.  Mmm…..

Angel at El Poblano Farms with Romano beans.

Angelica and Ruben at Gonzalez Farms.  Beautiful little beets.  Going to roast them.

Choy, a native Astorian, knows all about CSA’s, nutrition and produce at J. Glebocki Farms.  The baby fennel had a soft subtle flavor.

Bob offers up Bee Pollen and Honey at Ballard’s Honey.  We bought some of each.

Ciaran at Red jacket orchards.  Very friendly guy, really.

Brad at Hudson Valley duck explains that this duck was just slaughtered hours before and chilled.  Never frozen.

I bought some duck breast and it was superb.  Pan sauteed with sea salt, black pepper and a touch of balsamico

Fabiola and Robin at Hot Bread Kitchen.  Loved the Ciabatta and walnut raisin breads.

GrowNYC Greenmarket
Saturdays, June 25 – November 19, 2011, 8 AM – 4 PM


  1. Sounds lovely! I will definitely have to bike over and check out the market next saturday 🙂

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