November 22, 2017

Film production boom in Queens

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Film production boom in Queens with two studios in high Hollywood demand – New York Daily News.

The film business is not just Hollywood stars who fly in for a few weeks or the ad agency execs who drive over the bridge into Astoria.  In New York City there are thousands of freelancers and vendors who make up the backbone of the film, fashion and television industry.  Many of us live right here in Astoria.  In case you didn’t know it Astoria, not Hollywood, is the cradle of American cinema.  Kaufman Astoria Studios began it all in 1920. Producing silent films, Marx Brothers, Valentino, WC Fields and many many more right up to today’s Sesame Street and Men In Black 3. SIlvercup Studios, built in an old baking factory in 1983, hosted Highlander as it’s first film (one of my personal favorites).They continue to grow and currently host some of the most famous television shows and feature films shot today.

I am part of this industry.  My company Star Struck Catering feeds the cast and crew of commercials, film shoots, television shows and fashion shoots.  We are part of this hardworking group of people.  You see us on the streets on your way to work and late at night when coming home from the clubs and bars.  We might be feeding 200 extras outside Central Park, catering the newest season of “Iron Chef Amerca” or set up in the Costco parking lot serving lunch to a Turkish film shoot.  The crew members, from the P.A’s being first in and last out to the camera crew slaving away to get the perfect shot, are the greatest group of people you could ever want to work with.  It’s an honor and a blast cooking for them each day.

The film business is booming here in New York City. Let’s hope it continues.

Next time you see one of our mobile kitchens, stop and say hi.  It’s always nice to chat with a neighbor and make a new friend.

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