May 28, 2016

Heatwave birthday brunch

It’s my 44th birthday today.  It is also 91F and my little boy is off from daycare for a public holiday.  So my big plans are canceled and it’s too hot to take him to the park.  Time for despair?  No. Time to celebrate?  YES!

A/C is blasting, the boy is watching movies and I’m raiding the pantry for a special birthday brunch.  Once again proving that a well-stocked pantry saves the day every time.  My son gets sliced steak with Ketchup and I get two of my favorites: shrimp cocktail and a glass of Prosecco!  Not a bad way to celebrate.  I think we’ll have purple ice pops for dessert.

Looking out the window I see that the kiddie sprinkler fountain is on at our playground and the kids are having fun.  I think we see our next adventure.

Stay cool today and try to have some fun.




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