May 29, 2016

“No Cook” Summer Menu

I spent the day in the city with my dad.  Dim sum in Chinatown for brunch followed by espresso in Little Italy.  We strolled, talked and looked at all the pretty sights along the way.  We’ve done this route a million times and never get bored  with it.

Early summer in New York is a perfect thing to behold.  We ended our walk at the Union Square Farmer’s Market.  Another perfect entity and just what I needed for tonight’s dinner at home.  Simple and fantastic is the goal in our house.  With the summer bounty coming on and some inspiration, dinner would be a grand slam.

We (me, wife and boy) were invited for dinner last Friday night.  A terrific couple living in a garden apartment in Brooklyn Heights.  A truly magnificent home and wonderful hosts.  They treated us like old friends (which we are not) and our hostess treated our little boy like a prince.  The husband is Spanish and quite the home chef.  He served up some classic tapas, good wine and a very unique Basque liquor for dessert.  He reminded me that good food, simply done with a little style will go a long way.  We were duly impressed. His menu inspired tonight’s dinner.  My wife was very happy with the results.



  1. Lance says:

    Jonathan, you have a lucky family, (and I think you are lucky too!) This looks like perfect summer food, hopefully with a breeze and a tasty beverage. Thanks for sharing

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