December 18, 2017

Ugh, shut up already. All I want is a simple meal.

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Ok, enough already with the organic, my meat,veg,fruit,salt, oil, etc… comes from a hand crafted 17 generation farm that only raises rare breed so and so.

I saw an acquaintance today.  She is not a great cook but has all the gadgets and goodies in her dream kitchen.  Loves talking food with me.  All about the moral food books she reads and how she is doing this that and the other thing.  So much effort, money and energy to be right, moral and foodie.  Ugh.  She doesn’t have a clue.  I often wonder how her kids and husband react to her week night cooking.  She never talks about her mom’s or grandmother’s cooking.  Nothing family.  Just blah blah blah, foodie, footprints, gmo, new cookware….  Where’s the love?

“Did you see my lavender bee honeycomb salad???  OMG, I raised the bees myself in our window box (made from reclaimed WW TWO tug boats, of course).  I got the bees from STING (SAVE THE INSECTS NOW GOODPEOPLE)!”

“Hey, would you pass the salt friend?”

-“Sure, do you want the red volcanic Hawaiian, the Brittany grey sel or the high altitude Tibetan hand scooped?”

“Forget it”


Doesn’t anyone just cook a nice simple dinner?  A meal not listing the ingredients like a 6 star concept restaurant?  All I want to hear at the table is “Sit down and eat, I love you”.  That alone is better than any meal that involves intense research, smug snobby righteous meal planning.  It’s food & love people, that’s all you need.  Anything else is a treat and not needed every at every meal.  That’s what a treat is after all.  I’d rather eat Cambell’s tomato soup and a basic grilled cheese made for me at a mom’s house.  Why, cause it’s simple love and nourishment.  Sure it would be great with local cheese and stone ground grain bread but if that’s all mom’s got then it’s fine with me.
That’s it folks.  Stop and smell the daisies and to heck with the hot house rare breed roses.  Now go cook something and tell us all about it.  Extra credit if the recipe comes from family and does not include a story about where the pig is from.  If you even say Berkshire I will kill you.

-This rant is unedited so as to preserve the raw ranty emotions by the author.




  1. I think there’s a place for everything. For heritage salumi from pigs you know by name. For modernist cooking with ridiculous procedures and hydrocolloids. And for the dinner I made tonight, which used up some cabbage, some cucumber, and some frozen shrimp that was probably grown on a farm in Indonesia. Awesome simple shrimp recipe: Mix rice flour or tapioca starch or similar with turmeric, ground cumin, cayenne, salt, and pepper. Dredge thawed, peeled, dried shrimp in starch mixture, and deep fry until crisp and browned. Serve with lemon wedges.

    • Harlan, you are so right. This rant has been building for a while now. Of course there is a place for everything but as of late clients and “show offs” want to talk about super foodie stuff with the Chef. It’s getting tiresome. Friends are out of work, things are tight for some, they come to me asking for simple yet new ideas for dinner.

      By the way, i’d eat anything you put in front of me. Your cooking skills rock. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  2. I grew up eating tomato rice soup and grilled cheese on many Sunday evenings – go Mom! And I want to find my mom’s recipe for chicken ala king – so when I do, I’ll post here, I promise. Thanks for the reminder about what’s important. Oh, and did I mention that I was an excellent mashed potato maker as a kid? Just heat up the milk and butter, and pour in the flakes. Yeah, I’m serious. Now I’m going to go eat my organic grapes and free range egg salad on a bed of local mixed greens :*)

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