November 22, 2017

The purest strawberry ice cream

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Homemade ice cream always tempted me but was always on my DO NOT DARE list due to dairy allergies. Thanks to diet and better health I can now, unfortunately, eat any damn dairy product that dares to get near me.

This being said, the perfect storm came about earlier this summer.  A friend offered me an opportunity to acquire “straight from the cow” heavy cream.  This same evil person also offered up her Cuisinart ice cream machine.  You know, the one everyone has except for us due to the aforementioned allergy issue. The third part of this perfect storm was that strawberries were just hitting the local NYC farmers markets.  I just had to try this out.  And before any of you raw milk hippies out there say it, yes yes I know, raw milk is supposed to be o.k. for lactose intolerant folks to digest.  This worked for us because even though I am cured, my wife still has the same allergy and this would be a good test.

The day the milk was to arrive I made a mad early morning dash for the new farmers market at Socrates Sculpture park here in Astoria.  By the way, there is nothing more wonderful than strolling the market on a glorious summer day.  A cool breeze, happy farmers and colors bursting from every booth.  A few pints of small bright strawberries became mine and then it was time to cook.  On the way home I picked up the milk and cream plus the ice cream machine (bucket already chilled).  You got to love an evil enabling friend.

I really wanted the strawberry flavor to shine here and didn’t want to cook the raw cream.  Cooking raw milk ruins the whole point of drinking raw milk in the first place.  For more information ask a hippie. I chose a “Philadelphia” ice cream recipe because it is a non custard recipe meaning no eggs required. Therefore the cream would not need to be heated.  Heavy cream was used alone instead of mixing it with milk.  This was to add more fat content since there were no eggs involved.

  • 2 1/4 cups heavy cream
  • 3 cups fresh strawberries hulled
  • 1/3 cup sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vodka (keeps ice cream from freezing solid)
  1. Place strawberries and sugar in small pot and bring to boil then gently simmer 5 minutes, stirring constantly.  Cooking will break down the berries and melt in the sugar.  This will help to gel and thicken the berry sauce.
  2. Pour berry mixture into bowl with cold heavy cream and vodka.
  3. Mix with stick blender till smooth.
  4. Strain out berry bits and seeds if you wish (I did).
  5. Place berry cream mix in fridge to cool down completely.
  6. Now follow ice cream instructions that come with your machine.

The Cuisinart ICE 20 did a fantastic job in just 25 minutes.  As per instructions I then put it into an airtight container and into freezer for 2 hours to firm it up.

The strawberry ice cream was a huge success.  My wife didn’t get sick from it proving that (to us at least) raw milk really does work for people with lactose allergies.  My little boy gave it two thumbs up and I was just so damn pleased with the experience.  We immediately went online and ordered a few items.

Since then we have made mint ice cream and dark dark chocolate.  I am loving this summer.  My body may hate me by the fall.

Enjoy and send in your favorite ice cream recipes and flavors.


  1. Oh heck yeah. Homemade strawberry ice cream with fresh tasty berries is the best thing ever. Gonna have to try that vodka trick!