November 22, 2017

Birthday dinner for your teamster

What a woman, mother and wife really wants for her birthday, after a long day’s work, is to be treated like a teamster.  It’s true.  When my lovely wife arrives home she gets to put her feet up, hang out with our son and relax. When cooking for your teamster always remember the six main food groups: meat, fat, starch, veg, sweet and booze.  Don’t forget the birthday candles and don’t even think of asking her to clean up.  It’s her big day after all. And yes, gifts are important too.  I didn’t forget that either.

Most of the ingredients for my wife’s birthday dinner came from the cornucopia of food shopping that is 30th avenue in Astoria.  The rest of the goodies came from the farmers market at Socrates sculpture park. Let’s get started!



Starter: Duck liver mousse with black truffle on toast

Toast the bread with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Spread with mousse and voila!

Source: D’artagnan duck liver mousse with black truffle shavings came from International meats.  Frank’s bakery supplied the bread.

Salad: Tomato with basil pesto

Puree fresh basil with Parmesan, pignoli nuts, garlic clove, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Source: Tomatoes, basil and garlic came from farmers market at Socrates sculpture park.  You should get down there sometime if you haven’t yet.  They are wonderful people who really care about what they are growing or preparing. Other ingredients from Dave and Tony’s Salumeria. Everything Italian from some great guys.

Dinner : Herb roast baby lamb chops, roast asparagus, lemon garlic mushrooms and oven crisped potatoes.

Source: John at International meats  powwowed with me to decide on the main course for tonite. We settled on a rack of baby lamb chops. Got to love a good friend who’s a great butcher.

NOTE: Everything cooked at 450F

  • Crust baby lamb chops with olive oil, oregano, parsley, sea salt and pepper.  Let rest on counter before cooking.
  • Thin slice potatoes in pan with olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper.  Add chicken stock for wetness and cook for 45 minutes.  Top potatoes with rack of lamb and cook till lamb is 140F.  While lamb is resting return potatoes to oven to continue crisping.
  • Toss asparagus with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Roast till just softened.
  • Quarter mushrooms and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Roast till browned and liquid all gone.  Then toss with butter and chopped garlic, place in casserole dish.  Back into oven till you smell the garlic cooking.  Remove and toss with juice of 1/2 lemon.

Arrange everything on plate and set before stunned happy wife.  Proper planning will also have her on second glass of wine (a good but cheap Provencal rose wine from Grand wine and liquor) by the time lamb is served.

Dessert:  Chef George’s Whoopie pie (from William Hallet) as birthday cake.

We really appreciated this concoction of devil’s food cake disks with marshmallow center.  Singing “Happy Birthday” with a three year old is always fun and my wife was in heaven.

The dinner was a success and we went off to the playground for some fun and games.  We tucked our son in and I went off to clean  up the kitchen.