December 18, 2017

Chef tip: The stick blender

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Cuisinart smart stick hand blender

This week I am working on the equipment section of my cookbook.  It is turning out to be an important chapter.  People want to know more than what to buy, they want to know why and what features to look for.  With that said, let me introduce you to my favorite electric kitchen tool.

The stick blender is the go to gadget for everything blended and pureed.  It’s right up there with a good knife and an instant read thermometer as one of the essential tools in any kitchen.

Why?  It takes up little space, hides away nicely in a drawer or mounted to the wall.  But wait, there’s more.  The stick blender is a powerhouse that conquers everything from smoothies and sauces to soups and salsas.  Best of all it’s cheap, sturdy and a fast clean up.  What more could you want?  Yes, we too have the blender and food processor at home but they tend to sit in the pantry gathering dust while the stick blender gets all the fun.

My personal favorite is the Cuisinart CSB-76BC SmartStick 200-Watt Immersion Hand Blender shown above.  Cuisinart puts out a solid product.  Well designed and it has a powerful 200 watt motor.  This is the stick blender for you!  No matter brand or model you end up with please look for the following features.

  • A strong motor  (200 watts).
  • Simple and easy to use design.
  • Not a lot of attachments that you may never use.
  • A good low price.  This is not a luxury item.

I was pleasantly surprised that Cuisinart covered all these points and had the best price!  Nice work Cuisinart.

If you’ve never used one then go out and get one, make something and let us know your feedback.  I just used my stick blender for the two sauces featured in a recent post.   Check them out.  They are very unique sauces made in seconds and work well with any salad, grilled vegetable or roast meat, chicken or fish.



  1. Mindy Meyer says:

    I am really enjoying your blogs. I can’t wait for your book.