December 18, 2017

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Scenario: Sicily, it’s snowing, sexy date says yes to dinner at your place.

You frantically yet coolly survey the kitchen pantry. Take a beat, then slow down and think. It’s cold out so a hot dish but nothing too heavy so she, or you, don’t conk out by 9pm on the couch. Something with some spice and a bit exotic. In the pantry I see a tin of skinless, boneless sardines packed in olive oil and a box of pasta. In the fridge we have fennel, a lemon, parsley, garlic cloves and anchovies in oil. In Sicily this classic pasta with sardines dish would also have raisins and Pignoli nuts but for tonight we go with what we have.

I Spy Astoria Food News

There’s a lot going on in the ‘hood these days.

Walking up 30th avenue last week one couldn’t help but notice the smell of smoke in the air. Heavenly meat smoker smoke. Our noses led us to an open door at the still under construction Butcher bar. They were testing recipes and the owner invited us in. Mathew introduced us to the chef and a bunch of guys standing at the counter wolfing down, I mean delicately tasting, a variety of smoked bbq products. We sampled burnt ends that were very juicy and tender, brined turkey which had a gentle deliciousness and finally bbq brisket which made me smile even though the chef was unhappy with this particular test specimen. The house made bbq sauce was pretty darn good too. If you need to know more then I guess you might want to know that the place looks good too. Lots of wood and diamond plate, butcher stuff and a nice backyard. There are seats inside and out back. Honestly, if the meat proves to be as good as the test then who cares about the decor.