November 22, 2017

Aurora shooting victim fundraiser @ The Laughing Devil Comedy Club

The good people at The Laughing Devil Comdey Club sent me a letter asking for help spreading the word.

On Monday, July 30th, the Laughing Devil is holding a fundraiser for Caleb Medley, one of the victims of the Batman shooting in Aurora. Caleb is an aspiring comic, and our GM, Scott Sharp, is a former Denver comic who knew Caleb personally. Caleb was shot protecting his 9-month pregnant wife (who has since given birth). The fundraiser is simple – anyone is welcome to come and have a drink with us. It’s $15, which gets each customer one drink. 100% of the cover will be donated to help with Caleb’s hospital bills, and we’ll also be donating 50% of all additional drink sales. Caleb is clinging to life and his medical bills could total over $2 million – not to mention the support his family needs. We would really appreciate your help in spreading the word about this event.

Looks like a good opportunity to do something personal and positive all the way from New York.  See you all there.