December 18, 2017

I Spy Astoria @ Ovelia

Looks like we have a new celeb in the ‘hood.  Chef Pete over at Ovelia on 30th avenue / 34th street was recently interviewed by E! for a show and qualified to the last round for a new ABC show w Anthony Bourdaine (we hope he gets the gig).  Pete was also featured in a recent episode of Mike Colameco’s Real Food “Pig Island”

As for us locals, we get to enjoy Pete’s non acting skills every time we sit down at Ovelia.  The boys tell me there are now a number of items on the menu with the designation GF.  Yes that’s right, the chef has added Gluten free dishes.  Now there is something for everyone.  See y’all there.

Here is just one example of how they do GF.  Man that sounds good.

  • GF LAMB FIG KEBAB sweet and savoury lamb cubes skewered with candied fig, yellow squash and cherry tomato 18