December 18, 2017

I spy Astoria @ Sac’s Place

Looks like the good people at Sac’s Place  are sharing their love of good food and music with the neighborhood.  With local gems like this who needs to dine outside Astoria?  This email arrived today:

Dear Jonathan,  We’ve been going to our farm in Pennsylvania twice a week to hand-pick fruit, vegetables & herbs.  We’ve been featuring fresh produce (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, squash, peaches, plums, parsley and basil) in many of our daily specials for the past few weeks and will continue to do so as long as the harvest lasts.  It really is a great time of year to be creative and experiment with delicious, home-grown products and we would like to invite everyone to come and share the goodness with us.

We also are featuring live music twice a week.  On Mondays, The Larry Luger Trio plays jazz and on Tuesdays, The New Standards Trio plays contemporary standards and old favorites.  Both nights are a great deal of fun (and we encourage people to get up and sing).

Regards from Wendy at Sac’s Place

Not only is this family about great dining, they are also about community.  Did you know that Taryn Sacramone, one of the owners, is the Executive Director of the Astoria Performing Arts Center (“APAC”).  You can find additional information about APAC at