December 18, 2017

I spy Astoria @ The Astor Room



It’s Wednesday and that means “All you can eat” Pine Island oysters and Stella from 5pm to 7pm at The Astor Room, all for the low low low low price of$15!  I could probably stop right here but then it wouldn’t be a blog post would it. 

This could be one of those Happy Hour moments you talk about at the end of summer.  To quote my friend Mark “You’re gonna have to roll me outta there”. This is the kind of good buddy you look for when planning a GFE (Gluttonistic Friend Experience).  Heck, I might even be a generous type and pay.  Nothing like looking good for cheap in a nice restaurant.  And by the way, if you miss it tonight you can always try again next Wednesday or the one after that, right up till Labor day. 

From oysters to new cocktails to music events, The Astor Room is full of good fun this summer. Like them on FB and keep up to date on all the happenings.  A big shout out to Chris for making this happen.  Tell him Jonathan says hi!  This won’t get you anything but now you are being introduced as a mutual friend which is always nice.