May 31, 2016


This site is dedicated to all of my hard-working friends who just want to eat a good meal after work each night.  I know it’s rough to get home and then start cooking dinner.  I didn’t realize until recently just how much of a challenge it can be for some.

My goal is to share tips, ideas and techniques to help you create simple and fantastic meals that you can serve with ease each night at the family table.

This website is more about sharing ideas and experiences than recipes and reviews.  I hope you get inspired to try new foods and gain confidence in the kitchen.

Jonathan Forgash is the executive chef and owner of Starstruck Catering,  a company specializing in serving the film and fashion industry of New York City.  With 18 years cooking experience and years of travel, he has developed a treasure trove of recipes, inspiration and stories.

Jonathan lives in Astoria, New York with his wife and son.  Astoria, a neighborhood in Queens county, has a frightenly large collection of nationalities from around the world.  Much of his inspiration comes from the very people and foods of this grand community.

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