May 30, 2016

Ready Set Cook: Cooking Without Stress

Many of my friends and clients talk about the stress and mess of daily cooking. They always ask me “How do you manage to feed a huge film crew on time every day?  We struggle just to get our week night dinner on the table”  The answer is a few simple rules and a little planning.


  • Preheat oven and get water boiling if needed.  Pull out any needed equipment.
  • Remove ingredients from fridge so they warm up a bit.
  • Have all ingredients on the counter and ready to go.


  • Get out of those work clothes and put on some music. Pour your drink of choice.


  • Prepare recipe with longest cook time.
  • Get that dish cooking and start on next recipe.  Clean as you go!
  • When all is cooking, prepared, etc… Wipe down counters and get dirties into sink.

Set the table, eat and enjoy.  Don’t forget to involve the rest of the family, It’s always more fun cooking together.